Cycling around the world with used gear, it’s possible!

What stops you from cycling around the world?

You don’t need to be huge or strong or travel with a company.
You don’t need to have expensive gear.

Jin is just doing it… for seven years!

During the seven years on the road, the borders that you cross can be many and even more the number of new friends and people you meet. But the number of emotions… well, those are countless.

Jin has been preserving them, at least a small part, on beautiful pictures and shared them on Instagram, universewithme, and with an outstanding collection and quality on Flickr.

You can also watch Jin on Youtube and discover more on

What’s Jin’s travel gear?

Sustainable equipment, second life

Transforming what is called garbage, something that was just about to be thrown away, into your outdoor equipment that you will use in the following years… this is a great example of sustainability.

This is what Jin did when a friend wanted to throw in the bin a tent and a sleeping mattress.
Had this tent ever rested in such a beautiful place before? We really don’t think so!

Why is it important to give a second life to your clothes or gear?
Because every second, a truck full of unwanted clothes or equipment is burnt or sent to landfill all over the world.

Second hand is a sustainable choice

Giving a second chance to clothing, or outdoor gear, helps you to save (or make!) money and respect the environment.

When you give away or sell your used clothing or equipment, you can feel good knowing your old stuff is getting into the hands of someone who really wants and needs it, and you are not contributing to the massive textile waste problem we face today.

Jin, thank you for inspiring us!

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