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Chicken Tramper Ultralight Gear – CTUG-45 Liter Ultralight Backpack review

Reviewer: Kimberley Megis
Instagram: kimberleymgs
Youtube: Kimberley Megis
Product: CTUG-45 Liter Ultralight Backpack

CTUG-45 Liter Ultralight Backpack review

Since we’re still waiting for the thru-hiking season to start, I thought it was time to give a little love to one of my favorite brands out there: @chicken_tramper_gear, and the two amazing guys behind it. 🐓

You all know my love for my shoulder strap pocket, but that’s not what I’ll talk about this time.

Will has been carrying the CTUG-45 Liter Ultralight Backpack for over a year now. He took it on thru-hikes, canoe camping trips, and even on a bike-packing trip.
Just like me, Will really wanted a handmade pack from the US, from a cottage company. ♻️

It weighs about 30 oz, has a removable frame and a hip belt, is made with X-Pac VX21 (which is waterproof), and even comes with a removable Z-lite sit pad (that I steal on every single lunch break)!
Roll top, V strap, front pocket, ice axe loops, all that good stuff.
The pack is super comfortable and distributes weight really well (he doesn’t even realize when I hide my 15oz ravpower battery in it…) and is overall great.

The only thing that could be an issue is that the seams are not sealed, which means you need to have a waterproofing system to make sure your gear doesn’t get wet, especially your sleep system. But honestly, even under heavy rain, nothing inside was ever soaked.

And honestly, the colors! I could never lose him even if he tried to ditch me! Someone who we had not even met yet but knew us from social media even recognized us from like a mile away because of them 😂

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