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Osprey – Hikelite 32 backpack review

Reviewer: Loz Wong
Instagram: lozwong
Product: Hikelite 32

Osprey – Hikelite 32 review

Delighted with this Osprey Hikelite 32 for my recent three days (two night) hiking adventure around Lantau in Honk Kong.

The bag lives up to its name and is very light, and the 32L was able to take everything I needed for the hike and nights, including extra warm clothing, just in case. NB. I carried food and water to last one day and night only, as I knew there would be pitstops and refills along the way.

I loaded the pack fairly heavy, using the side pockets for 2x 1L Nalgene water bottles, and so I would have preferred for the hip/waist straps to be a bit thicker or padded, but the pack sat comfortably throughout the ~80kms of hiking.

– lightweight
– built-in rain cover
– side pockets hold 1L water bottles securely
– smaller pockets for organizing smaller items you want to keep at hand
– hood pocket big enough to keep an extra layer (eg. a waterproof) easy to reach
– adjustable straps (incl. chest, waist, and adjustable shoulder straps)
– the ability to clip or strap extras on the outside (poles, tent, etc)
– the Osprey All Mighty Guarantee means that I can always get the pack repaired if needed #reducerepairreuserecycle

– hip/waist straps are thin (though this would be a good thing with a lighter load)

Evaluation: 4.5/5

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