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Paratus Exploration – Spina 42 backpack review

Reviewer: Drawn to wild places
Instagram: kimberleymgs
Product info: Paratus Exploration – Spina 42

Paratus Exploration Spina 42 backpack review

After using my beloved Paratus Exploration pack for over a year, I thought it was time for a little review.

First, I want to mention how important it was for me that my pack was handmade in the US and from a small company. ♻️

It’s a 42L pack and it weighs 30oz. I was a bit anxious to go frameless at the time so it does have 2 aluminum stays, and a hip belt with pockets.
Overall I have loved this pack and it has served me well on many multi-day trips, canoe trips, and my GTDA thru-hike. It has never let me down and I have been able to carry heavy loads with 5 days worth of food without too much difficulty. I’ve never experienced back pain, which is super super important. The hip belt and shoulder straps are very comfortable. The hip belt pockets are removable, which is great because I only use one for my camera, and added a pocket on the shoulder strap (more on that later 🐓!).
I absolutely love the fact that it’s highly water-resistant, my gear never got wet, even under really heavy rain. the X-Pac material makes it very durable and I know that it would still be intact if it weren’t for me falling and rolling down the side of a mountain 🤦🏻‍♀️ And even then, it only has a tiny, tiny scratch.

I will say this though, I wish it was a tiny bit lighter, but I don’t think you can expect that from a pack with a frame. I’ve also found the aluminum stays to be a little bit too long so I’ve had to cut them. Lastly, the side pockets have a slit that makes it easy to grab your water bottle, but I’ve almost lost a couple of things because of them too. I wouldn’t recommend putting any small items or wrappers there.

Let me know if you have any questions about my pack, I’d be very happy to answer them!

Here’s a question for you now, which pack do you love and recommend? I’d like to try something new… 🌑

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