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Robens – Cookery King review

Reviewer: Pitch & Paws
Instagram: pitchandpaws
Product: Cookery King

Robens– Cookery King review

Cookery King is our favorite alcohol stove, it’s from Robens. We’ve had it for well over a year now so it was about time to film a review for it 🤦🏻‍♀️⁠

The full video review is on IGTV and YouTube.

But here is a quick unsponsored, unbiased summary for you guys…⁠

Thoughts 💭⁠
We love it! We are so glad that we went for this over a Trangia cook set. It’s the first alcohol stove we have owned, so we put a lot of research into it. Ultimately we were sold by the big base and the window which makes it easy to adjust the flame. It’s the first item we have owned from Robens and we are really impressed with it, so I’m sure we will be buying more from them.⁠

Pros ✅⁠
– Durable.⁠
– Can be used with multiple fuel sources.⁠
– Nests neatly.⁠
– Adjustable grill height.⁠
– Stable.⁠
– Came with 2 pots and a pan, which all share a lid.⁠

Cons ❌⁠
– Heavy.⁠
– Expensive.⁠
– Clunky.⁠

Specs 👓⁠
Cost: £65 – £100 (look for deals)⁠
Material: Aluminium⁠
Volume: 1700 ml + 1400 ml pots / Dia. 19 cm pan⁠
Weight: 980 g⁠

Tips ℹ️⁠
– Let the stove cool down before storing as not to melt the O-rings.⁠
– Store the stove in a zip lock as an extra precaution for leaks (not that it has ever leaked on us).⁠
– Don’t fill the alcohol to the top.⁠
– When you pack it away feed the strap back through before stacking it all together.⁠

We hope this has been helpful 😁 We want to provide loads more gear reviews and saveable content for you guys, so let us know what you would like to see.⁠

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