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Gossamer Gear – Mariposa 60L Review

Reviewer: Gail Muller
Instagram: thegailmuller
Product: Mariposa 60L

Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60L review

How do you choose a hiking pack?! There are so damn many. 🤯 Let me help.

I choose gear based on my PURPOSE. What do I want it FOR? What are my habits and preferences, and how do I marry all these things up with the form and function of a pack? 🤷‍♀️

I used the same pack for the AT and the SWCP: The Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60L. I’ll use it on this year’s trails too because it really suits my body, how I pack and hike. What should you buy? I can’t tell you that, but in this post, I’ll go through some basics to consider when choosing a pack for a multi-day/thru-hike:

🏔 Capacity/Litres (L) – This means the VOLUME the pack can hold. You’ll usually fill any space you have so don’t go bigger than you really need. I went for 60L for a 6 month thru. UL hikers might go 50L or less.

🏔 Fit – Your height doesn’t matter, but the length of your torso DOES. Measure it for the best pack fit and don’t guess with your eye! Take the measurement between the bony lump at the base of your neck (C7) and then put your hands on your hip bones and point your thumbs toward your spine. Measure down to where your thumbs would meet. Voila! Pack size.

🏔 Hip Belt – Make sure it fits, is comfy and you can pull it tighter (you may well lose weight). The hip belt is a pack’s most important load-bearing feature. Your hips are where you want your pack weight to sit (NOT pulling off your shoulders). Also, if you have slightly bony hips then get a cushy hip belt or you’re cruising for sore spots. 🤪

🏔 Internal Frame or Frameless – Most packs these days have internal frames with clever load-supporting tech to make sure you carry weight on your hips. My GG pack has a very light, removable internal frame and load lifters (tabs on the back of the shoulders to pull the weight closer to the body). UL hikers sometimes use a frameless pack for weight saving. I defo don’t. 😆

🏔 Features- DANG! No room for features on this post! But next week I’ll be discussing ventilation, pockets, rain covers, water reservoirs, and all the other good stuff that goes into picking yourself the perfect pack.

Hope this was useful! Let me know below 🙏☺️ or tell me what you’re using/thinking of getting!

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