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Most eco friendly fibre by Spinnova

most eco friendly fibre by Finnova is cellulose base

When technology is a driver for sustainable fashion, Spinnova stands out from the crowd with the most eco friendly fibre.

Inspired by spider web, Spinnova, Finnish company, reinvents the process to achieve high levels of sustainability producing cellulose-based textiles from pulp.

Pulp is a truly versatile sustainable product from renewable wood raw material. It is usually used to produce paper, tissue, board and specialty paper – making them truly sustainable bioproducts.

Now you can wear it!

Manufacturing process

During the manufacturing process harmful or complex chemicals are not used. This is what differentiates Finnova from other cellulose-base manufactures.

The numbers are outstanding:

  • 0% harmful – zero tolerance for ZDHC listed chemicals.
  • 99% less water utilized compared to cotton value chain.
  • 0% waste streams.
  • 0% microplastic polluting.
  • 100% biodegradable.
  • 100% natural.

The process is based on mechanical treatment of the pulp, as well as fibre suspension flows and the natural deformation of materials under applied forces.

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white fibers by finnova

Sustainable fashion articles

Finnova, with its innovation, allows the textile industry to make much more sustainable fashion articles.

Our mission is to provide the textile industry with the most sustainable fibre in the world, produced with minimal harm to the environment, at a reasonable cost.


The range of products that can be manufactured in the future can be expanded. Starting from home textiles wipes, filters, packaging to medical textiles, as well as bio composites in different industries.

the most eco friendly fabre by spinnova blended with cotton wrap

Cellulose textiles for a greener choice

Wood is a natural, renewable resource and sustainable. The most eco-friendly fibre, pure bio-based, will lead the customer to make greener choices and respect the planet… Spinnova has the key to it.

Spinnova fibres (from the left) dyed and undyed wood-based fibre and agricultural waste (stubble) based fibre

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