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Hilleberg Enan tent review

Hilleberg Enan tent review

Reviewer: Dan Jones
Instagram: wildcamping.lifeuk

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Hilleberg Enan review

The Enan is by far the easiest tent I have ever had the pleasure of setting up. It really is a breeze. After being so used to the ease of setting up the Hilleberg Soulo by just simply clipping the tent to the poles the Enan should have been more complicated but its just as easy.


You might think that being a lighter tent, the Hilleberg Enan loses out on space, or “ruggedness” compared to the Akto. Even though I originally intended to use this in calm conditions I couldn’t help but test it high up in the Peaks in high winds. And boy did it deliver.

Technically a 3 season tent (yellow label) with far lighter materials than the red label counterparts, it stood up to some really challenging weather. I can gladly say that even in the heaviest of winds, worst of downpours the Enan has held up really well. It would struggle in heavy snow but as stated by the manufacturer, it’s designed for snow-free months.

Protection from elements

A single hoop pole forms the basis for this non-freestanding design. The rain fly extends all the way to the ground and does a superb job of blocking out the cold wind with the vestibule zipped up and the end vents closed. A feature usually found in a 4 season tent.

The Enan can be ventilated rain or shine and mostly without getting the inner tent wet. In a warm and humid climate that is a huge plus. I found the footprint adds hugely to any condensation issues. The tent is well ventilated and when positioned currently I experienced little to no condensation issues.

In use

In use, the Enan was surprisingly roomy. For an average-sized person, the tent has plenty of space, with the vestibule giving enough room for both a mid-sized backpack on the longer side and a cooking area on the short side. The shape of the floor is such that there is spare space around your sleeping mat for stashing more kit, and the height of nearly 1m at the tent’s midpoint is enough for anyone to sit up in the tent.


Like all Hilleberg tents though the noise in high winds definitely needs getting used to. It’s very flappy when the wind picks up. Earplugs are a must. Also the price. It’s extremely expensive compared to much lighter tents on the market.

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