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Naturehike Cloud Peak tent review

Reviewer: lake district outdoors
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Product info: Naturehike Cloud Peak Tent For 2

Naturehike Cloud Peak tent review

The quick pitch of the Naturehike Cloud Peak 2.

I managed to catch a free patch in the day to get up a hill and pitch the tent.

Firstly the tent was very easy to put up with no issues and only took between 6 and 7 minutes and I wasn’t in a rush. Once the tent was erected, it was very sturdy and looks like it will stand up to a good amount of wind, largely due to its semi geodesic design.

the build quality of the tent looks to be good but only time will tell. All seams and joints are double stitched to what appears to be a high standard and the webbing straps used to house the feet of the poles and that bridge the gap in the doors are all bar tack stitched and should take some stick, on top of this, they’ve used 20 D silicone-coated ripstop nylon across the board including the flysheet and base all rated to 4000mm HH.

Features that the tent has which aren’t typically found on a true 4 season tent are the inner walls which are around 1/3 to 1/2 mesh which will help with condensation but not so great with the wind coming through in the winter(but I haven’t actually tested this yet) another is that the flysheet doesn’t come all the way to the ground, again helping with ventilation but won’t stop snow coming through with some good wind behind it. some clever pitching and packing of snow could more than likely remedy this.

overall the tent is lightweight coming in at 2.1kg, however, you can stick another 300-400g on for the somewhat thicker weave groundsheet that you have to use if you don’t want to puncture the 20D base but if the first impressions anything to go by and it stands up to a bit of weather then I think we can say that it’s well worth the £200 you will pay for one of these.

As we cant use the tent yet due to lockdown this review has been done at face value.

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