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Voice commerce is changing the outdoor retailers, are you ready?

Voice commerce, or vCommerce, with their virtual assistants, help users to search and make inquiries without the need for a screen or keyboard. All they need is your voice.
Biggest internet giants have jumped on new vocal search services a while ago and their full potential is just around the corner.

Voice-based grocery shopping is already available, but what’s next?

Alexa, buy me a jacket for hiking that looks good and fits me!”.

Will we ever use it?

Most likely the answer is yes! because, we, at Outdooreer, are already working on it.
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Next revolution, voice commerce

Voice commerce will keep growing over the coming years, becoming commonplace for most people.
If we consider the revolution of internet entertainment at the expense of television or considering the smartphone has revolutionized the online retail sector and commerce as a whole, voice search has great potential to change how we will purchase in the future. 

Purchases made using voice search

Virtual assistant knows you better

What the virtual commerce change on retail?

The products that virtual assistants are suggesting you are tailored around your needs and your preferences. Virtual assistants know you better than any other shop assistant and it will be able to provide you what you are looking for.

At a clothing retailer as an example… you need a jacket for outdoor.
The virtual assistant knows that you will hike 5 days with your friends next week. Then it’s important that the jacket has the correct features for hiking (like backpack compatible feature).
Your assistant also knows the jackets that you will fit in and your favorite color which fits perfectly with the last backpack purchased. It’s quite important for your Instagram feed! 😉
Are you concerned about environmentally friendly products? No problem.

A virtual assistant will provide you very few results from the research… using its ranking and its algorithms.
Do you want your products, or your shop, being in the top 3 results? 

Voice commerce, how to start

Even if you forecast vCommerce something like that is very far from the present, you should start to consider it now.

Retailers of all sizes are starting now to optimize their digital channels for voice searches.

You can already create content for voice commerce. It’s important to take into account that when using voice search, customers ask questions in a natural way.

Instead of entering keywords like “Italian restaurant London,” a voice-assistant user might ask, “Where can I have dinner at an Italian restaurant in London?”.

To create more appealing content for virtual assistants:

  • Include words that match up with how people use voice search to find items they are interested in.
  • Emphasizes the need for creating FAQs that answer the questions to optimize the page for a voice search.
  • Describe and organize the main features or key points using bullet points helps the readability of the page.

The shoppers can ask their device to tell them more about a product. If your content is too wordy, the device will select bullets that can be read within a limited timeframe, typically 16-20 seconds. Content that isn’t organized well in short, the conversational text could create a poor shopping experience.

vCommerce, the retail sector will change

Retailers will change because all the dynamics of the retail sector will change in the following years.

Exploration is required to lead.
Adaptation, instead, will be necessary to survive.