The vegan friendly label

Stores or brands sometimes may use a vegan friendly label.
When can shoes be called vegan?

vegan friendly label for shoes

A vegan shoe is made without the use of animal products. This means that shoes don’t contain animal material: leather, fur, hair, bones, teeth, shells or other body part… and then they can use the vegan friendly label.

If you’re wondering: “my shoes are leather free, they are vegan!”

Many of us can be surprised to find out that shoes may be made using animal glue. It has been used for centuries. Glue from animals are made by boiling connective tissues, tendons, skin or bones from animals such as cows, horses, rabbits, fish and pigs.

If you purchase leather free shoes, they still may not be vegan-friendly.

Animal glue for shoes can be used for vegan friendly label

However, over the last fifty years, synthetic glues have far surpassed animal glues for effectiveness, low cost and consistency of quality. Whilst it is true that some shoe manufacturers still produce using animal glues, the majority of shoe glues used today is accidentally vegan friendly label.

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If you don’t use leather shoes for hiking or if you don’t wear hiking boots made of crocodile skin and beautified with colored feathers… most probably you already have vegan outdoor shoes. Vegan friendly label it is just marketing.

Good stuff, outdooreer, we love nature and we love animals!

Salomon trekking shoes vegan friendly label on Kazakhstan landscape

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