Tips for camping in the rain? Just in case…

Camping in the rain could be not very pleasant. Assuming you are using suitable equipment: waterproof tent, tarp under the tent, waterproof jacket and pants… here are some tips for camping in the rain. Just in case… something goes wrong.

  • Duct tape: Apollo 13 crew used it during the lunar expedition. Duct tape has a great property, it helps to fix everything. It is lightweight and versatile. Roll it around a pen and it will be easy to carry around with you. Holes?! Duct tape. Broken poles?! Duct tape. Too talkative friend?! You get it.
  • Light: when it rains, darkness arrives earlier. Unless you are camping in the rain with Batman, you need some light. Be prepared, headlamp or a small torch. Waterproof of course.
  • Extra plastic bags: cloths can be wet, it is a good tip for camping during the rain to don’t put them in the same bag with the dry ones. A simple plastic bag can come to our help. Efficient.
  • Plasters: rain means wet, wet feet means high risk for blisters. Dry your feet and remove debris from your shoes as soon as you can. Plaster and tape will be extremely useful for preventing or alleviating the uncomfortable blisters. I had blisters walking on wet slippers in my campsite… camping in the rain… good to know!
  • Medicines: bad weather makes your health more vulnerable. We’re sure you’ll try to prevent such a situation, but sometimes you can’t. Don’t forget at home your trusted medicines. And candies! medicines don’t usually taste good.
  • Hot cup of tea: warm your body and your spirit, boost the moral with a hot cup of coffee/tea/cocoa especially while camping in the rain. Bring with you the essential for a hot drink. It doesn’t matter whether you like cold weather or not—at the end of a rainy day, you’ll dream of hot tea and a warm bed. Who cares if it raining on my tent if I’m holding a hot coffee!
  • Dry wet stuff: try to keep your wet clothes or shoes out of the inner part of your tent. Wet items in a tent cause condensation, damp air prevents them to dry (and you will start to feel cold as well!). Hang them outside the tents instead if you can.
  • Ear plugs: drops of rain on the tent may let you feel relax hearing rain sounds for sleeping. Other outdooreers, instead, simply are not able to sleep. Ear plugs may be useful in this situation. If it is not raining while camping, probably bird chirping will wake you up at 5 in the morning. Sleeping in a tent in the rain won’t be a problem anymore.
  • The last tip for camping in the rain… enjoy the rainbow!

These are some easy practical tips for camping in the rain. 

Last recommendations for your safety for camping during rainy days. Don’t set up your tent below trees, because branches may fall and don’t set up the tent too close to a river, because it may overflow.

Well done outdooreer, now get ready and start your adventure!

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